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                                        Cloud Enablement

                                        Adopt a cloud-first approach with our time-tested, risk-free methodologies for exceptional business agility.

                                        Drive Business agility with cloud Native applications

                                        Leverage Cloud transformation to accelerate and empower your business to gain a competitive standing

                                        Case Study

                                        Cloud Strategy to Minimize Processing Time

                                        Implemented an automated solution for resource configuration, deployment, and scheduling

                                        “Cloud is about how you do computing, not where you do computing “

                                        – Paul Maritz

                                        The advent of the cloud has democratized computing by opening up opportunities to set up enterprise-class services, even for individuals and small businesses. Cloud computing offers access to data and applications from anywhere with internet connectivity and slashes IT infrastructural costs tremendously.

                                        Our Offerings

                                        Whether you are beginning to or have already started your cloud journey, a vendor-agnostic partner can accelerate your company’s cloud transformation and empower your business to stay ahead of the competition. Explore our cloud offerings.

                                        App Refactorization
                                        Cloud Strategy
                                        Cloud Migration
                                        Cloud Development
                                        Cloud Monitoring

                                        App Refactorization

                                        Through application refactoring, we restructure the current system to improve its performance, user experience, portability, and code adherence without changing the core functions. We comprehensively analyze your digital ecosystem, and you understand your infrastructure and application workload. Using this analysis, we provide you a roadmap to identify which parts of your business can be moved to the cloud.

                                        Our offerings:

                                        • Application Re-hosting
                                        • Enterprise Integration
                                        • Application Re-engineering
                                        • Application Refactoring & Re-platforming

                                        How Refactorization adds values:

                                        • Enables Code Portability for the Existing Codebase
                                        • Provides a Quick Way to Modernize Apps
                                        • Drives Continuous Innovation Using DevOps and Containerization

                                        Cloud Strategy

                                        Our experts assess the cloud readiness of your application and infrastructure portfolio, define and recommend an ideal cloud reference architecture for you, and examine the required capabilities matrix.

                                        Our spectrum of cloud strategy services

                                        • Cloud Maturity and Readiness Assessment
                                        • Cost-Benefit Assessments
                                        • Cloud adoption and Transformation Strategy
                                        • Technology Selection (SaaS, IaaS, PaaS) and Roadmap
                                        • Reference Architecture and Technology Standard
                                        • Organization Change Management

                                        Cloud Migration

                                        Cloud migration is necessary to bridge the gap in business demand and on-premise IT capacity. We ensure that our cloud architecture and migration patterns align with your cloud ambition. With industry-proven methods, tools, and automation, we drive high-quality and cost-effective migration. We augment a proven framework and methodology with a tool-based migration approach to accelerate the shift with near-zero negative impact.

                                        What we provide

                                        • Analysis And Planning
                                        • Proof Of Concept And Validation
                                        • Migration To Cloud
                                        • Testing, Deployment, And Cut-Over

                                        Cloud Development

                                        Our cloud-native development services allow enterprises to build cloud-native applications quickly. Leverage microservices, the DevOps philosophy, PaaS, and containerization technologies for improved business agility. We adopt Agile coding, building, testing, and deploying to help businesses roll out applications faster than ever.

                                        Benefit from our deep proficiency in designing and developing cloud-native applications that are platform agnostic, secure, robust, and resilient. Starting right from uncovering your requirements, analysts can help you with the design, development, integration, testing, deployment, and continuous monitoring of your cloud applications.

                                        • Development
                                        • Integration
                                        • Testing and Deployment
                                        • continuous Monitoring

                                        Cloud Monitoring

                                        Cloud Monitoring is crucial in assessing the cost, reliability, and performance of your cloud infrastructure. Through cloud monitoring, we help you to notice cloud anomalies, detect patterns, and identify issues early and proactively. By monitoring the life-cycle, we provide teams with the ability to work collaboratively, standardize artifacts, optimize performance, and increase availability. Consistent monitoring helps reduce the manual work dedicated to ensuring that the application is running as expected and making your MTTR more efficient. Metrics and analytics that we derive from monitoring tools provide insights and signals to ensure systems run properly.

                                        Cloud Monitoring capabilities include

                                        • Application Performance Monitoring
                                        • Infrastructure Monitoring
                                        • Network Monitoring
                                        • Database Monitoring


                                        According to a recent DevOps survey by Puppet, high-performance organizations outperform their peers with 200 times more frequent deployments and 2555 times faster lead times. DevOps enables organizations to deliver software and services at a faster pace than traditional methods. Whether you are deliberating on adopting DevOps or need specific help with setting up the right processes or tools, we can help.

                                        Our DevOps service offering includes:

                                        Consulting & Advisory services

                                        • Advice on well-suited DevOps approach
                                        • Thorough Assessment And Analysis Report Of The As-Is And To-Be State
                                        • Value Discovery Sessions
                                        • DevOps Maturity Assessment And Road-Mapping

                                        Environment Management

                                        • Configuration Management
                                        • Automated Software Deployment At Scale
                                        • Zero Downtime Management
                                        • Capacity Planning, Backup, And Recovery

                                        Infrastructure management

                                        • Automated Provisioning
                                        • Auto-Scaling
                                        • IAAC

                                        Code pipelines

                                        • Continuous Integration
                                        • Continuous Delivery
                                        • Continuous Deployment
                                        • Test Automation


                                        • Application Performance Monitoring
                                        • Infrastructure Monitoring
                                        • Network Monitoring
                                        • Database Monitoring

                                        Containerization & Container orchestration


                                        We provide efficient solutions for enterprises that gather data from sensors, physical devices, appliances, and vehicles to provide actionable business insights.

                                        Cloud monitoring capabilities include:

                                        • IoT Roadmap Definition
                                        • IoT Solution Development
                                        • Intelligent Platforms
                                        • Vertical Applications
                                        • End-to-End System Integration
                                        • Real-Time Processing and Analytics

                                        Our Differentiators

                                        Leverage our tools, capabilities, and unparalleled experience across cloud platforms and technologies. Allow us to handle the complexities of cloud migration and help you rapidly achieve better business outcomes.

                                        • Dedicated CoE – An Elite Team of 500+ Trained Cloud Experts
                                        • Certified AWS & Azure Cloud Consultants
                                        • Our Expertise in Cloud Engagements & Migration Projects for Leading Global Enterprises
                                        • Reusable Assets & Reference Architecture Libraries
                                        • Full Range of Consulting, Development, Migration, Automation, Monitoring, and Integration Services


                                        Partner with us to
                                        start strong on your cloud journey
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