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                                        Whitepaper on Blockchain & Protective Orders Written by Analysts’ Sr. Solution Architect Jim Kita Published in IJIS

                                        March 30, 2020

                                        by Analysts

                                        The Integrated Justice Information System (IJIS) Institute recently published a whitepaper on the use of Blockchain for protective orders, produced by an IJIS Blockchain Task Force.

                                        In addition to Analsyts’ Jim Kita, the IJIS Blockchain Task Force comprised of 13 seasoned cross-functional SMEs and technology experts associated with prominent organizations such as IJIS Institute, IBM, Motorola Solutions, National Center for State Courts, City of Livermore, Global Justice Solutions, Emory University, Search, National Center for State Courts, Thompson | Finn LLC, CorrectTech, and Missouri State Highway Patrol.

                                        The IJIS Blockchain Task Force set out to:

                                        • Evaluate whether distributed ledger technologies (i.e., blockchain technologies) can assist participants in the protective order process to more efficiently and effectively issue and disseminate protection orders, as well as address challenges related to security, authority, validity, and auditability.
                                        • Provide a generic use case evaluation framework to help practitioners in roles related to records management and information sharing determine whether blockchain should be considered when evaluating proposed changes to current processes and systems. The protective order was selected based on task force membership and associated subject-matter expertise while supporting a realistic scope within justice information management and sharing.

                                        This whitepaper titled, Blockchain Protective Orders – Use Case Assessment, aims to help those in information management and exchange roles in the justice and public safety communities to understand how blockchain technology may address challenges faced when managing and sharing information among agencies at the local, state and federal levels.

                                        Click here to read the published use case in its entirety.

                                        IJIS Institute is a nonprofit alliance working to promote and enable technology in the public sector and expand the use of information to maximize safety, efficiency, and productivity. With a mission to empower information sharing that promotes safer and healthier communities, IJIS periodically publishes resources and research papers that drive public sector technology innovation.