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                                        Automated Regression Testing

                                        Complete regression testing faster for all future releases, while using SAFe methodology .


                                        • The client has Salesforce (SFDC) and non-SFDC applications, but no automation. Both types of applications, in addition to their APIs, need automation.
                                        • The application needs to be automated for different regions like the USA, Netherlands, Spain, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand.
                                        • Browser compatibility testing has to be performed for different regions, based on the usage.
                                        • The client follows SAFe methodology and wants to complete regression testing faster for every release.


                                        • Analysts team worked with product owners and manual QA of various regions and identified:
                                          • Regression test cases that needed to be included in the automation.
                                          • The application flow and data creation process of each region.
                                          • Integration areas between SFDC and non-SFDC portals.
                                        • Automation scripts were developed for SFDC objects, Pages and APIs using Provar, and for non-SFDC applications using Selenium.
                                        • New automation scripts are now identified for every sprint, and the automation suite is updated accordingly.

                                        Tools & Technologies

                                        Provar, Selenium, Salesforce, Java, Microsoft.Net, AutoRABIT

                                        Key benefits

                                        • Regression testing became faster for every release.
                                        • Increased browser coverage for all the regions and saved approximately 120 hrs of manual testing effort per release for each region.
                                        • Functional testing was done at both API and application levels.
                                        • 30+ regression defects were identified early in the cycle and all the automation scripts are integrated with AutoRABIT.


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